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aprile 30, 2014


Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde a Expat-Land

For now WGirl lives in expat-land, a Residential district, where there are foreigners and locals with important jobs and according to her guide, Zed, women who are ” busy shopping” all day long. At home she has found a busy, lively, Spanish (Catalan pardon !) housemate , an attractive Canadian “mannequin” but who has another job and Nassi who WGirl has nicknamed ” thank-god-your-here” who comes every day , except for the Sunday, to wash, iron, cook. … Although she…

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aprile 25, 2014


A Pakistani family in Saidpur Village

Saidpur Village is one of the most ancient villages in Pakistan with a more than 500-year-old history. It is found at the feet of the Margalla hills. It is a popular tourist destination for many foreigners and Pakistanis alike. The name of the village derives from Sultan Said Khan, son of the Sultan Sarang Khan during the reign of the Mughal Empire, Babur Sultan Sarang Khan, who was ruler of the Pothohar region. Later the village was given to the…

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aprile 22, 2014


Visiting Daman-e-Koh (Margalla Hills)

The Margalla Hills are located just outside Islamabad at the foothills of the Himalayas, above Faisal Mosque. It is also a National Park, which comprises the Rawal Lake and the Shakarparian Sports and Cultural complex. Today we visited Damn-e-Koh, from here you can take-in the view of the whole of Islamabad. It’s a place where tourists and people from many different regions of Pakistan come to relax. The location can easily be reached by taxi in 10 to 15 minutes from Islamabad….

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aprile 20, 2014


Virus Pakistano

W girl ha appena fatto conoscenza con il primo virus pakistano che ha incontrato. Non si sono ancora presentati ma wgirl crede si tratti di “Influenza”, e poiché la compagnia non è molto piacevole, sta aspettando che dica : beh si è fatto tardi….. e la lasci tornare al suo mondo di stupore.. A presto!

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aprile 16, 2014


Going to Rawalpindi or Pindi/Verso Rawalpindi o Pindi

Twenty minutes from Islamabad along the IJP Road, is the “border” with Rawalpindi, affectionately called “Pindi” by some. It’s not a real or proper border by any means, but there is a notable difference in the appearance of the buildings. Islamabad and Rawalpindi are sisters but they don’t resemble one another, even if they are on precisely the same road, one facing the other and it’s sufficient to simply cross the street in places to find yourself swapping from one…

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aprile 14, 2014


Life of a Star!

Islamabad – W.Girl and Zed, her guide visit the  Faysal Mosque… – Excuse Me, can we take a photo with you? Two neat, well dressed Pakistani teenagers waiting for an answer watch her with big eyes… She stares at Zed, surprised and not really knowing what to say as she feels scrutinized by everyone in a moment of embarrassment. Sure, why not,  she declares, breaking the silence Click click click! !! and another… Click! Ok. After the thanks and smiles…

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aprile 11, 2014


Explosion in the market place and the perception of reality

Islamabad: written in the wake of the market explosion in Islamabad on the 9th of March This morning WGirl received a message from her Embassy: There was an explosion at the fruit and vegetable market .. in such and such a place which caused injuries and fatalities. We urge you to take every precaution Certainly not your everyday kind of message. … It’s a strange feeling being on the one hand part of a news story and on the other hand…

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apr 9

aprile 9, 2014


Pakistani breakfast and a city walk

Islamabad – In just a few days Zed (her friend and guide) has formed an idea of what W.Girl is like. -She says thanks in Italian, even when no one understands her and no one expects it from her. – She smiles at everyone even when she shouldn’t. – She has an innate propensity to not know how to wear the veil which should be worn everywhere! – And she talks constantly about food and eating (if she doesn’t she…

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apr 8

aprile 8, 2014


La regola dei tre giorni

Islamabad Meraviglioso! Aveva pensato mentre percorreva il viale che portava alla nuova casa …C’è pure una moschea giusto dietro l’angolo. E mentre la osservava pensava che era straordinario trovarsi in un luogo in cui la giornata sarebbe stata inframmezzata dal richiamo al divino. Per lei, un canto per ricordarsi di ricordare: che siamo di passaggio, un momento per meditare sul proprio percorso terreno e magari fermarsi un istante e  ridimensionare le debolezze della propria quotidianità o anche pregare, ognuno a…

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aprile 7, 2014



Panico! Il portatile di wgirl, ha deciso di prendersela comoda e di lavorare poco poco e leento, leeeeento …. La connessione ad internet ha scioperato: oggi riposo! E il suo  “mayday-estero” per le traduzioni in inglese curiosamente non ha dato segni di vita…. Quindi, a mezzanotte e qualcosa, dopo una lunga giornata , ha preso atto…  di essere l’unica ad affannarsi! Cosa  significava tutto  questo? E che cosa vuol dire quando le cose intorno a noi non vanno come desideriamo?…

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