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giu 21

giugno 21, 2014


Nocturnal contemplations and solo escapes Elucubrazioni notturne e fughe solitarie

In life  there are unexpected moments and others you can see coming… This is one of those moments: the second of the two. Wgirl looks at herself in the mirror and hardly recognizes the tireless traveller reflected there. You got here early this time, she mumbles to herself … In fact Wgirl isn’t hiding nor is she on strike  she’s just a bit absent, distant from herself. It’s as if someone has put a sign on the door: Come back…

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giu 21

giugno 21, 2014

copertina margalla festival

Margalla Festival ,Il Festivak di Margalla- Islamabad

The Margalla Festival is not only a musical show but a bouquet containing flowers of folk music from around the country. There are also a dislplay of typical arifacts, clothes and the chance to taste the food from from different provinces of Pakistan. Il Margalla Festival non è solamente uno show musicale ma un bouquet di musica folcloristica proveniente da tutto il Paese. Inoltre vi è un’esposizione di manufatti tipici, abiti e lapossibilità di assaggiare il cibo provieniente dalle diverse…

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giu 6

giugno 6, 2014

dimensione copertina blog 2

Children Beggars – Mendicanti Bambini

In the market these children were asking for money: they are beggars. There are many here in islamabad and surroundings .We  preferred to buy some ‘food, because we knew that the money was not for them. Questi bambini giravano per il mercato chidendo denaro:  sono mendicanti bambini. Ce ne sono tanti qui ad Islamabad e dintorni. Abbiamo preferito comprare un po ‘di cibo, perché sapevamo che il denaro non sarebbe andato a loro.  

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giu 5

giugno 5, 2014

ifiwerebornhere cover camel

Camels in Islamabad-pictures

Very hot here today … summer is already started here in Islamabad. Oggi fa molto caldo … l’estate è già cominciata qui ad Islamabad picture: Camel in the street – foto : Cammello per strada  

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giu 4

giugno 4, 2014


Taxila : the ancient city – la città antica

The modern town of Taxila is 35 km from Islamabad. Most of the archaeological sites of Taxila (600 BC to 500 AD) are located around Taxila Museum. For over one thousand years, Taxila remained famous as a centre of learning Gandhara art of sculpture, architecture, education and Buddhism in the days of Buddhist glory. There are over 50 archaeological sites scattered in a radius of 30 kms around Taxila. Some of the most important sites are; Dhamarajika Stupa and Monastery…

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