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For some reason since April post are only in Italian.

I am Wgirl  a wanderer and a wonderer.

I am also a F.A.A. (Female Alien Abrod) and a freelance writer who travel across cultures.

Usually I live on “Planet Italy” (a weird place sometimes, even for me!)  where I deal daily with uncertainty, creativity and coffee:)

When I travel I know, that I know nothing. I’m curious and inquisitive about the differences between peoples, about the local traditions and habits and how my life would be…  if i were born here.

is a  little daily experiment: a travel story about people, places, food, habits and learning…  not in the same order!


My English teacher in London said:

You have to live this city, to breath the atmosphere, to let the sound of this language to go deep down inside of you .. in short … you have to wake up and have English breakfast! :)

Travelling the world with the aim to discover unusual or non-conventional places, to meet local people and discover how I would live if I were born here.

If you were not born in your country, what would your life be like? Would you be the same person?

IFIWEREBORNHERE is a gateway to understanding life outside your home.
Obviously this is my gate and you me and create your own entrance.

A journey story not a destination… for passion, learning and fun!

“Wgirl” is a Certified Life and Business Coach, it’s her job but also her passion.  She works in Travel and Cross Cultural Coaching

This website is been translated by the IrishItalian.ie translation studio and sometimes by Wgirl

Since April 2015 post are only in Italian.