Vacanze… ma non troppo. Holiday… but not too much.

settembre 14, 2015|Posted in: tantiargomenti - manysubjects

Periodo di cambiamenti e un po’ di vacanze. Wgirl tornerà presto con un nuovo stile per il sito web.
A presto :)

Period of changement and litte holidays. Wgirl will be back soon with a new style for the website.
See You soon :)


I am Wgirl a wanderer and a wonderer. I am also a F.A.A. (Female Alien Abrod) and a freelance writer who travels across cultures. Usually I live on "Planet Italy", a weird place sometimes even for me, where i deal daily with uncertainty, creativity and coffee:) When i travel i know that I know nothing. I am curious and inquisitive about the differences between people, about the local traditions and habits and how my life would be… if i were born here.